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CDC Invitational - MetroHo Season 2

Rick Grimes

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New Or Not it does not matter!

All are welcome, All will be helped/guided to start if desired.


METROHO... What is it?

METROHO is a browser-based multiplayer hockey game that combines the best hockey simulator with an engaging web community. In METROHO, you own, manage, and coach your own team. The advantage METROHO offers is enough statistics and features to make the game all that it should be, without any overwhelming complications.

Key Features Include:
Line change control (real-time).
Shinny games.
Action-packed seasons.

You start off by creating your own team which will contain 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies, each with their own age and skill level. Next, you sign these players and other free agents to your team while staying under the $65 Million salary cap. As a new team you cannot sign free agents over the rating of 79 until the team is 30 days old. Once you're ready, join a league.

Permanent Leagues consist of 15 teams in a season that lasts 20 days. Your team will play each of the league's other teams a mixed amount of times for a season total of 72 games. Half the games will be played at home, while the rest will be played on the road. The advantage of home games is that you can manually start the game any time during its scheduled day. This is a key feature of METROHO, as during a home game simulation, you can select the lines you want for each round.

The top 8 teams in a league's standings, after the season is over, advance to the playoffs, following a one day hiatus. Playoffs involve three series with each series being a best of 3, 5, or 7 (depending on your league's settings) to determine the league's champion. Playoffs last nine days. This means that once your team joins a league, the league's season and playoffs will last a grand total of 30 days.

Competition is fierce as there are both team and player awards to be won, not to mention the bragging rights that go with a large fan base. All teams start off in Level One and, through performance, strive for promotion into higher level leagues which feature progressively bigger trophies.

At the end of the regular season (day 21) begins the draft. The draft is 3 rounds with Round 1 on day 21, Round 2 on day 23, and round 3 on day 25. Drafts can include franchise players, but don't be surprised if a draft does not contain one. Every team begins with three draft picks which can be traded. Credits, gained by winning and playing home games, can be used to scout prospects to reveal their draft grade (A+, A, B, C, D etc.) Scouting also reveals the players projected future (Franchise Forward, First line scorer etc.) Lastly, every player in the draft has a Popular rank, which is their default ranking. Scouting a player reveals their Scout rank, which is their true ranking. Difference in Pop rank and scout rank are big factors in drafting prospects. A prospect who drops in scout ranking compared to popular ranking is generally not a player you want to draft, but a lot of the time they are the BPA.

Drills are the player progression system. Generally you want to drill your best players who are 22 and under. Depending on their Rating and Age, the chance of getting an increase in rating can be higher or lower. Players can only be drilled once per day. Players who are 22 and under may also naturally increase by themselves.

Every day is advanced at 11pm PST, with games being able to be played at 11:30, and games being able to be simmed at 12am.

Skater Ratings:
95-100: Elite player; Gold star
90-94: Superstar player; Red star
85-89: Star player; Blue Star
80-84: Pro player; Purple Star

Goalie Ratings:
98-100: Elite goalie; Gold star
96-97: Superstar goalie; Red star
94-95: Star goalie; Blue star
93: Pro goalie; Purple star

As of now, The CDC Invitational, has 12/15 teams taken. It doesn't take alot of time or effort each day; even less should you decide to donate.

Credit to Wilfred for the information

Current GM Roster:

1.Rick Grimes - The Bong Rippers

2.HowYaDrouin - The Newton Mooseknuckles

3.Dazzle - The Edenstadt Knights

4. CanucksLegacy - The Sky Dragons [Looking for New Manager, CL is willing to pass along the team]

5. Dral - The Honolulu Dragons

6. Nail - The Nail Your Mommas

7. DollarAndADream - The Burnaby Devils

8. Wilfred - The Endless River [Trying to give him as much time as I can to come back, but I'll only wait so long]

9. ikeifer - The Squamish Squirrels[Not on CDC to my knowledge]

10. plex-efferr - The Milan Mobsters[Not on CDC to my knowledge]

11. Tanev - ?

12. Yeger7373 - The Silver Dollar Jaguars


Total fantasy league similar to STHS. Takes 10-20 minutes a day, if that, Re-name your draft picks, set your lines, hire & fire coaches, Upgrade your Arena, Train your team, Build a Dynasty.

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