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(proposal) (VAN-NYR) (Deadline)


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This is meant to be a deadline deal that helps both teams. It may still need some tweaking and balancing but see what you think. I had this in mind, but I wanted to see us play against JT Miller first. Honestly, I think he is the closet thing we can get to a top 6 forward this deadline without giving up the farm. So here is my kind of out there proposal.

To Vancouver

JT Miller, 1st Round Pick

To NY Rangers

Chris Higgins, Nicklas Jensen


Chris Higgins: First off, Chris Higgins accepts because he gets to go home to New York and play with his old coach Alain Vignault, who seems to be doing pretty well. Now New York does this because Chris Higgins provides them a 200ft two way player on the wing. Chris Higgins is a decent 2nd line winger, but he would be a fantastic third line winger. He could bring a lot to a Rangers team from a bottom 6 role.

Nicklas Jensen: You have to give to get. Nicklas Jensen is one of our top 5 prospects, but, you can't get pieces for nothing. provides them with scoring depth. New York's play style revolves around speedy offense. I think Jensen would be a good fit. We all know that come down the stretch, and during the playoffs, depth comes in handy. Jensen could be that depth piece. He's also young so he gets adopted into their future. A future for New york with Nicklas Jensen and Anthony Duclair coming up on the wings, for a team with an already talented top 6. Kevin Hayes is also making his mark as the third line pivot. Duclair-Hayes-Jensen looks like a promising future group to bring into the lineup.


JT Miller: The big thing about JT Miller is that he has top 6 potential. He plays Center and wing. He is good in the face-off dot which is good considering we struggle in that department. He is also a good hybrid player in that he can either play center or wing pretty well. He plays a good two way game with speed, grit, and effort. Perfect fit for us. If put in the right situation, he could flourish. We could have our potential top 6 player if we coach him right and he clicks. WD seems to have a thing for reaching young guys so far.

Sedin Sedin Burrows (Burrows is sparking again)

Miller Bonino Vrbata (Miller taking face-offs if needed)

Matthias Richardson Kassian/Dosett (If Kassian plays hard)

Kenins Horvat Hansen (This line is a keeper)

(Vey is the first guy to replace an injury which we know is bound to happen. He's very versatile)

1st round pick: 3 years getting 2 first round picks in a row would be great for our youth movement.

The deal may still need some tweaking. But I think it can really work for both sides. Both teams get better this season for their playoff pushes and still address the future.

--- 1. (Frist Round Pick) Travis Konecny: Elite offensive potential. 5'10, but works hard in all three zones. Has a Bo Horvat like attitude. (They're actually second cousins)

--- 2. (First Round Pick) Ryan Pilon: A pillar of a defenseman from western Canada. I thought he would get more attention than he is. Has potential to be top 4 if not more.

--- 3. (Second Round Pick) Rasmus Andersson: I don't know why Andersson is rated so low on scouts boards but if he stays and can fall to us in the second round we would be golden. If you ask me, also top 4 if not higher potential.

We walk out with 2 stud defensemen prospects, and an forward with elite offensive potential to fill out our group. Not too shabby.

Overall that is my proposal and on top, what I would at least try to do at the draft. We would probably need to add a bit more, but honestly, I don't think much. Tell me what you think, mean, nice or otherwise.

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Yeah, as far as I know Rangers don't have a 1st this year.

I would do the trade without thinking twice though. Not so sure about Sather :P

Yup Rangers don't have a 1st rounder this year. It went to Tampa in the St.louis trade. No way Rangers would do this anyway

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