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[Proposal] NSH & VAN little substance.


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To: Nsh

Christopher Higgins/Bradley Richardson + 4th

To: Van

Viktor Arviddson + 3rd + 7th

"Arvidsson is a small forward, only 5' 9" and 176 pounds. While that doesn't mean he can't be an impact player in the NHL, he will have to continue to develop his game to stick on the roster. But we all know that the Predators need creative play makers, so Arvidsson is an intriguing pick." -The View from 111


"The Hockey Writers caught up with Arvidsson in the locker room after development camp to discuss his career and ambitious goals.

The Hockey Writers: How does it feel to finally be drafted after 4 years of being passed over?

Viktor Arvidsson: It’s a great feeling. I’ve worked hard for this.

THW: Why do you think teams overlooked you even though you won SHL Rookie of the Year in 2013?

Arvidsson: I don’t know. My size maybe? I think I’ve proved I can play against big players, so I don’t think my size matters.

THW: Do you just work harder despite your size?

Arvidsson: Of course. I work really hard back home. I workout 5 times a week — cardio twice a week.

THW: Have you talked to Filip Forsberg since you’ve reunited?

Arvidsson: Yeah, we were good buddies back from the World Juniors and stuff like that, so I know him very well.

THW: What is your future next year?

Arvidsson: My plan is to play here (Nashville). I’m going to do my best this week and maybe I can come to training camp. So, we’ll see.

THW: What do you need to do to prove to the coaching staff that you can play here next year?

Arvidsson: I don’t know. Just play my best. Come here everyday and do my best and be consistent.

THW: Who do you replicate your game to?

Arvidsson: I like one guy on my team back at home Oscar Moller. He played for the LA Kings. I look up to him and try to take stuff from him.

THW: Do you have a pregame routine?

Arvidsson: Take some coffee, sit with my sticks. I just try to relax and not think about the game and have to focus." -The Hockey Writers

Thoughts on the trade?

Thoughts on the prospect?

Thoughts on Higgins leaving us, and going to Nash?

Counter proposals from Nash?

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btw arvidsson was a fourth round pick last year because he was small, who else was a 4th round pick johnny gaudreau but he's smaller, anyways, arvidsson is 2nd in the rookie AHL scoring race with 42pts in 52gp 16 goals and 26 assists

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