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VAN-DET (Proposal)


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After watching last nights game, I came to realization that this team has skill, grit, but is just too old. We don't have the 2 100+ point players, or a deathly 1-2 centre punch, or an All Star Goalie. If we have are going to have any chance at making the playoffs and being a threat, it is with the Sedins, Edler, Burrows etc, because once we start to rebuild or do a more in death re-tool, we will not be contenders for 3-4 years at the very least.

To DET: Chris Higgins + Brendan Gaunce + Kevin Bieksa + Conditional 2016 3rd round pick if DET makes it past quarter finals.

To VAN: Tomas Jurco + Dan Dekyser


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My first thought was if you want to get younger you aren't likely to be trading with Detroit, who are already an older team. Then I noticed you're asking them to take our older players while we take their younger players. I'm 100% sure they won't be doing that if all the youth you entice them with is Gaunce and a conditional 3rd.

And I'm a fan of Gaunce and think he'll do well in the NHL someday, but they already have guys like Sheahan in similar roles so he's not that coveted for them. Certainly not more than Jurco and Dekeyser already are for them.

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Only way that this might work is if we trade Higgins and Juice to a young team loaded with prospects who would be looking for solid veteran presence (e.g. the Isles before they got Boychuk, Halak and the like). If they would go to Florida or a similar team then we may be able to sell them for youth, as I don't think Detroit's part of that group but they're savvy in terms of development.

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Jurco and DeKeyser are building blocks for that team, but Jurco's got 2 goals in 44 games, may not be the real deal. We'd have to give up some young skill to get those guys, especially DeKeyser who's slowly becoming their best defenceman.

TO DET: Jensen + Sbisa + Higgins

TO VAN: Jurco + DeKeyser

Higgins > Jurco

DeKeyser = Sbisa + Jensen

Essentially this is Jensen + Higgins for DeKeyser, but in order to even up the left-forward pool and defensive pool I've swapped Sbisa and Jurco. Detroit does this because Jurco's been a disappointment this season and they'd love a big strong guy like Jensen who's skilled as well. They wouldn't like to give up their prized DeKeyser, but they've still got Kronwall for a while, Ericsson's producing points and Sbisa brings them some much needed grit on the blueline. Higgins gives them some offence they can use this season that would have been lost from DeKeyser and Jurco.

It may appear like we're giving up a lot, but we're getting an instant future star in DeKeyser and a real risky but potentially rewarding future top-6 forward in Jurco. DeKeyser is worth Jensen and Higgins alone. Throw Jurco into our bottom-6 to replace Higgins and see how he does, but this trade is mainly for DeKeyser, for the future and for now:

Edler - Tanev

DeKeyser - Corrado

Hamhuis - Clendening


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Let's jump in the hot tub time machine!

Yzerman to Vancouver

Linden to Detroit.

No. No. No. No. No.

See, you take Jovanovski, trade him to DET for Lidstrom in like, 2000. That way, we would have one the cup in 2002, because Lidstrom would have been on our team and couldn't have scored that wacko goal on Cloutier!!!

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