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[Proposal] Van - Det, Van-Phil

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To Vancouver: Tomas Tatar, Anthony Mantha, Stephen Weiss

To Detroit: Alex Edler, Chris Higgins, Niklas Jensen

To Phil: Eddie Lack, Weiss, third round pick (maybe a 2nd instead?)

To Van: Braydon Coburn

Why for Vancouver:

The Canucks are simultaneously aiming to make the playoffs and maybe win a round this year, while keeping an eye on the future by drafting guys like Virtanen. and McCann Adding Anthony Mantha is a huge piece of the future for the Canucks. Also, the Canucks weakest spot is the second line, which needs to be improved. Higgins is a pretty good player, but Tatar is an upgrade and younger. The Canucks also have depth at goalie and can afford to lose Lack. Losing Edler is offset by the acquisition of Coburn. They are somewhat equal in skill level, but a change of scenery could be good for both. Overall the Canucks add a big piece of the future, an improvement on the second line left wing and don't lose too much of defense with Coburn filling for Edler.

Why for Detroit:

The Red Wings have loved Edler for a long time and they finally get him. The cost of Mantha and Tatar is large, but worth it. Jensen is a prospect who is not nearly as good as Mantha but is a piece of the future in replacement. Higgins is a solid veteran to add to the core to take Tatar's roster spot. And they hugely upgrade on defense. Weiss is struggling massively so getting his salary off the books is a plus.

Why for Philadelphia:

LeCavalier did not work out in Philly so Weiss is the veteran centre to take over for them. Lack is a good young goalie who challenges Mason (whenever Mason is actually healthy). Philly could use another goalie, and is major insurance if Mason doesn't fully pan out. Emery's contract is up at the end of the year. Philly has quite a few defenseman and Coburn is good but expendable from their roster. The draft pick also helps a team that will re-tool this summer.

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Holland has really wanted Edler for many years. Top defenseman in their prime are much harder to find than forwards. I agree it's a big package from Detroit but I don't think it's too far fetched. They get rid of a bad contract, add a top defenseman who they covet, add a veteran roster replacement, add a prospect. I think they may pull the trigger. And I do think Edler would consider waiving his NTC to go there.

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