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[Proposal] VAN-CBJ

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Scenario: It's our time at the draft to pick at 14, Barzal is gone, and no quality d-men fell.

Unless we're really high on someone when its our time to pick could you see something like this happening? CBJ are loaded with picks, so I could see them wanting to move up.

Van Trades: 1st 2015 (15th)

CBJ Trades: 2nd 2015 (CBJ- 35th)

2nd 2015 (LAK- 49th)

3rd 2015 (DET- 86th)

Why Van does this: with the 2 2nds there will be some defensive gems who fall that we snag. Bittner and Sprong are even falling to the second in some mock drafts. This will help speed up the retool. At third Speers or Gropp will be available who I think will one day make good NHL'ers. At 15 we can't really draft a future 1C and the defense is thin in that portion of the draft.

Why CBJ does this: they have a first, 2 seconds and 3 thirds. There team right now could probably use more

Would you guys be upset if this happened? Am i overvaluing/undervaluing our pick?

Thoughts please.

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Why? I'd rather have what we have (1,2,4,5,6,7) than what we could have (2,2,2,3,4,5,6,7). There's just too much top-end talent to pass up in this draft.

the thing about this draft is up front its loaded but its also really deep there are going to be a lot of very good prospects in the 2nd. Would you sooner have 1 Jansen Harkins type player (upside but kinda redundant) or 2 players like Pilon, Carlo, Juulsen, Sprong, Debrusk or countless others that a few of will likely fall through. That will speed up the retool. Plus likely what will be another gem of a pick up in the third.

I understand if the value's low but maybe they could toss in an A- or B prospect to sweeten the deal. I would do this in a heartbeat honestly.

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I wouldn't. Unless we trade players like Hansen, Higgins, Burrows, Richardson, and Matthias to get those 1st and 2nd Rd. picks, I'm not interested.

Besides, if there's someone Benning likes from who you've stated, if we have a low enough draft pick (either work our butts off now or go to at least CFs), it's justifiable to pick one of them in the 1st Rd. anyway

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It always depends on who each GM likes, and how their ratings of the draft board goes. Last year Benning really liked McCann so he turned down the Isles really good offer, because he wanted McCann that badly. Chances are he would turn down this deal too, but if CBJ's GM really wants a player at 15 and Benning doesn't then a deal could be made. In this scenario I like Manroth's suggestion of a second round this year and a first next year.

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