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Value of -Zack Kassian


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With all of the rumors surrounding the possibility of him being traded what would his value be?

A month or so ago some analysts said he could fetch around a 2nd round pick, Now that he has picked his game up over the last 10 or so games and shown the type of player he can be his his value gone up?

What are some possible destinations and trades that could be made?

Edit: Mainly trying to see if he is worth keeping or try and move to improve for the future

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It really depends what you want to get out of him? If your looking at a draft pick maybe a 2nd but there are many other options are you willing to move higgins/Hansen in a deal that allows you to take some cap back.

one for one Kass doesn't bring much that I can see but part of a package say Bonino just for instance. You might get closer to P Sharp or T Zajac which would really help us.

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Mother of god...

I cannot WAIT to enter this thread in 2 days

yes then you can go to the kassian threads

and see how the posters copy and past their posts

into the numerous threads on here

such redundancy and obsession

the guy is good but he is no gretzky or any other good to great player

he is still on the bubble

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To Wpg:


To Van:

2015 1st

Wpg is loading up for a playoff push and they already have a big team. 3 weeks ago nobody would give a 1st for kassian, but Kassian has played GREAT the last little while.Wpg now has 2 firsts and would probbably be the only team willing to give up a first for Kassian. Idk wpg cap space but we could take back and expiring contract or they can send someone through waivers.

Who knows. Maybe Wpg gets an injury and falls out of playoffs and we enter McDavid sweepstakes.

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