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(PROPOSAL) Trade deadline/cup contenders/dont hurt future IMO


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Now before i get started let me just say i believe we are only 1 or 2 players away from actually being cup contenders. Now the cap in these trades fit the cap space for both teams according to www.hockeybuzz.com. here it goes.

To Van:


To Ari:



Arizona gets a very good prospect in Kassian. Although he does seem out of place at times, he also shows signs of becoming elite. Just look at the last 8-9 games, and the end of last year. He is only 24 and a power forward. They also get a IMO a very responsible 3rd line C at a great cap hit in Bonino. We get a great 2nd line C who could help bring leadership to our youth and have instant chemistry with Vrbata on our 2nd line and PP. If needed id also throw in a mid to late pick in 2016. I believe both teams win trade.

Now trade 2 i know some people wont agree with because this player is both over-rated and under-rated by people. Here it goes.

To Van:


2015 2nd

To Edm:




2015 2nd

2016 3rd/4th (to move up in 2nd round to get a good D prospect)

Edmonton get a great back-up goalie with starter potential. He is also one of the nicest guys to have in your locker room. Nothing seems to get him down, hes always happy. They also get Vey who i believe is more valuable than he should be. His shooting percentage is great and hes been successful on the PP and hes only 23. Edmonton will probably love him. I just cant see him developing his D game. Also i love Desjardins coaching so far, except for the fact i think Vey and him have too good of a relationship which has Dejardins giving him special treatment IMO. Hopefully GMJB sees this and makes a move. They also get Gaunce who is suppose to be a great two-way C. Gaunce is probably our most tradable prospect with him being behind Horvat/Mccann/Cassels IMO and also recieve an extra pick by movin down 10+ picks depending on how far Vancouver goes this year. And we get the struggling former 1st overall pick who has a ton of potential and would be on a line with older players with a lot of skill that could teach him a thing or 2. Plus we move up in draft to hopefully get out Dman of the future.


Sedin Sedin Burrows

Yakupov Hanzal Vrbata

Higgins Matthias Dorsett/Hansen

Kennins Horvat Hansen/Dorsett

Forward depth:





Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Sbisa

Bieksa Clendenning

D depth:








If these trade were to happen that will give us an actual 2nd line. Our PP would be A LOT better. That whole line are snipers. Idk this is just my opinion but i believe we could make a good push for the cup with this lineup. Make it happen GMJB!!!

Maybe look at a trade involving Stanton/Biega/Sanguinetti to add a better foward to add to our forward depth.


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this guys trolling hanzal is out for season and damaged goods and he made two of same proposals

I am not trolling. And i had no idea hanzal was injured. I mistakenly put it in prospect section and eventually switched it to proposals. I figured this topic would be deleted.

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I feel its a fair deal. I cant see edmonton taking any less

I don't know. Yakupov has gotten hot since being put on a line with Roy but other than that, all of last season and this season up until two or three weeks ago has to be seen as nothing but disappointing. The pick of course holds value falling early in the second round of a strong draft but nonethless the chances of this player becoming nothing more than an AHLer are still relatively high. In return we're giving up a goalie that, IMO, is an upgrade over anything they have (besides maybe Brossoit down the road), one player who some may argue is a bonafide NHLer and others may say is fringe but nonethless a worthwhile asset and certainly a roster player for them. Gaunce isn't a top prospect but a quality prospect nonethless and one that probably pays dividends for them soon. Throw in our picks and I think it's just too much. Not trying to oversell our players, just saying that these are guaranteed quantities of fair quality compared to a pick of fair quality and one talented enigma lol.

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Hanzal is not an upgrade over bonino. Bonino has better numbers (G, A, PTS) in a one season than Hanzal ever got.Hanzal hasn't played more than 65 games in 5 years. Injury prone.Plus we lose Kassian. Very bad trade for Canucks.

While I agree with you in that it's a bad trade, I'd say it's unfair to compare the offensive numbers given Hanzal has played for the notoriously defensive-minded coyotes.

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