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question : who gets the shutout?


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Hey there guys!

So today I have two questions,

1. Today, Ryan Miller played a period and a bit before being injured and being relieved by Eddie. With Ryan Miller holding the Islanders off the scoresheet, while he was in, and Eddie holding them off for the rest of the game, who gets credited with the shutout?


2. with the same circumstance, who gets credited with the win?

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alright @Apollo, what if eddie had taken over, and lost? who would have gotten the loss?


It depends on who is playing at the time the GWG is scored.

Exs: If Miller is pulled after losing 5-1 and lack gives up 3 goals (8-1) Miller gets the loss because he was the one that gave up the GWG (the 2nd one).

Now say Miller is losing 2-1 and leaves the game and the final score ends up 4-3 Canucks win, Lack will get the win because he was on the ice when the Canucks scored the GWG (the 4th one).

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If this was like baseball, then the goalies would be like starting pitchers and relief pitchers.

Miller get's the win (as we were winning when he came out) and Lack the save.

If the Islanders won, Lack would have received a loss.

Miller's ERA (GA for 21 mins) = 0

Lacks ERA (GA for 39 mins) = 0

I thought they both get "credit" for a shutout - not too sure.

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eddie lack now has a shut out credited to him

i do not believe he actually got one on his own this year

i could be wrong . .but doubt that

if i am correct he was credited with the shut out last night

Lack shut out Pittsburgh this year. Don't you remember him stoning crosby in Pittsburgh? A goalie has to play the entire game to get credit for a shutout. Miller could have played 5 seconds and no one would have been credited with the shut out.
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