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Word on the street is Jeff Skinner is on the market. We should be in on him. And I think I thought of a three way trade that can actually land him here. Steep price, but hear me out.

To VAN: Jeff Skinner

To NYI: Chris Higgins

To CAR Nicklas Jensen, Frank Corrado, Cory Conacher, 4th round pick.

Why VAN does this: Benning says he wants a top 6 winger. check. He says he wants someone with speed, and goal scoring ability. Check. He wants a young player than can be adopted into the youth movement. Check. If we were prepared to make a trade for an injured Evander Kane, we should be serious about a healthy Skinner. Skinners only drawbacks are, 1 his cap hit, which is the same as Vrbatas, and his injury history. He has had 2 major concussions, but he seems like he's recovering well and it shouldn't effect him as much as people think. He's undersized, but has elite speed, which is a department we need help in, and plays with major heart.

Why NYI does this: Why do the islanders not do this? First all, Chris Higgins accepts as he goes back home to Long Island and plays for the team he grew up a fan of. Chris Higgins adds a bunch of depth for their playoff push. Conacher is not really doing anything with them. I don't know what happened to Cory Conacher, or the offensive stud he was, even if for a short period of time. But as of right now, he has no place on a contending team. They swap Conacher, and a 4th round pick for quality two way depth, with term still on the contract.

Why CAR does this: Carolina has been in a rebuild for what seems like 80 years now. If they are trying to get out of it, I don't think they would be trading Skinner or veteran pieces. Instead, they should use him gain youth depth for their organization. Skinner is 22 and an all star. They essentially flip him for Nickals Jensen, Frank Corrado, Cory Conacher, and a 4th round pick. Both Jensen and Corrado add much needed depth to their organization. They are NHL ready/almost NHL ready prospects and should be ready by next season or so. Much like Buffalo, I don't think Carolina cares much whether Corrado and Jensen help their team win this year,as much as next and for the future. Jensen has top 6 potential, and Corrado top 4. They are both 21, slightly younger than Skinner, yet still have a ways to go. As part of this deal they also get Cory Conacher, who we all know has struggled majorly, but who could still make an impact. He's 25, so it's not like his career is for sure behind him, and he has shown he has a good offensive toolset. He takes Skinners place in their lineup for this year. It's a longshot, but maybe he can still find his stride. The added pick is just to sweeten the pot a tiny bit.

Our Lineup healthy...

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Skinner Bonino Vrbata

Matthias Richardson Kassian

Kenins Horvat Hansen

(Vey, Dorsett)

Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Clendening

Sbisa Bieksa

(Stanton, Weber)




I think that's a solid playoff team right there. Depth at every position. And we still have great prospects coming in like, Jake Virtanen, Jared McCann, Hunter Shinkaruk, Brendan Gaunce, Cole Cassels, Jordan Subban, And Ben Hutton, to round out depth coming in. I like it.

Final breakdown:

VAN gains: Jeff Skinner

VAN loses: Nicklas Jensen, Frank Corrado, Chris Higgins

NYI gains: Chris Higgins

NYI loses: Cory Conacher and a 4th round pick

CAR gains: Nicklas Jensen, Frank Corrado, Cory Conacher, and 4th round pick (NYI)

CAR loses: Jeff Skinner

Alltogether, I think pretty fair for all teams. I know we lose 2 of our top prospects, but you have to give to get. Everyone wins. Thoughts?

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Id love the aquire skinner but if carolina is in a rebuild why would they give up one of their shining future assets whose only 22, and a previous 30 goal scorer for a prospect in Jensen who has barely cracked the nhl and doesn't show currently near the offensive bonifides Skinner does, and Corrado who is currently in the NHL due to injuries.

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Carolina doesn't want a flame out like conacher. I don't think people realize what true value is of Jensen. He isn't a blue chip prospect. He hasn't been able to crack the canucks lineup this season. Why would Carolina want that? To get skinner, who we would have to deal them their team needs. Also, people say we can't deal our future away? Jeff skinner is 22 years old, he's a two time 30 goal scorer, has term on his contract and would bolster our goal scoring for the future. To get skinner, we would have to deal a package like this to them: shinkaruk, Bonino, corrado, and 2nd. That's what I see Carolina valueing skinner at. Would we ever do this? No way. But if Benning can add skinner, even we give up a top 3 prospect and a pick. Id welcome skinner. He's a goal scorer. Something we've lacked since Naslund.

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I'd move Stanton or even Bieksa over Corrado. Kid's gonna be a solid Top 4 D in the NHL someday. But yeah, 100% agree.

I love Bieksa but trading him is the dream, high Cap, 3rd pairing now, but still would have good trade value.

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