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TRU OL Courses (any recommendations?)


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Hey guys,

Just curious whether anyone who has taken an online course at TRU could recommend any easy GPA boosters (preferably upper level). Yes I understand that my grade depends on my effort etc. however I'm sure you would agree some classes are much easier than others in terms of marking or assignments. The reason I ask is because registration just opened today for Summer and I need to improve my average slightly in hopes of getting into my law school of choice.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, much appreciated.


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I have taken about 4 TRU online courses. From my experience, these are VERY time consuming courses. Don't expect to be able to breeze through these without much work, the assignments take quite a bit of time. If you're willing to put in the work it's not a bad way to get some courses done on your own free time.

I'm sure there are also ones that are quicker than others. I took a math course and it was fairly reasonable as far as time spent. I took a psychology course and it was ridiculous in the amount of time required for assignments and in order to prepare for the exam.

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Finishing up my degree with TRU-OL. I'm doing the Finance concentration, so those courses aren't really easy, especially if you gotta focus on motivating yourself.

So far, all the course work isn't difficult per se, just a lot of work. The International Business course I found kinda easy, but you gotta write like 5 papers or something. Time consuming.

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