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[REPORT] James Wisniewski on the block

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Offensive Dman with a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he just doesn't want to play for Columbus anymore? I'd take him if the cost isn't too great. Anybody have any feedback on his skating?

From what I can remember, the knock on Wiz has been that he "skates like a forward" meaning that his mobility is great when he's joining on offense (and moving forward) but on D, and skating backwards, he's not nearly as mobile. However, you'd hope that by the time a defenseman is north of thirty, he's found a way to improve that kind of weakness (although I don't know if he has).

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Didn't Wisniewski play for ANA a while back?

Im gonna say no for the Canucks based on his two stupid plays that got him suspended.

The First one was charging Brent Seabrook when he didnt have the puck, in retaliation to a hit on Perry

And the other one when he told Sean Avery to "Suck it" demonstrated by a gesture on how to (Which i honestly did find extremely amusing haha)

Link to Wisniewski telling Avery to "Suck it"

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