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[REPORT] 6 Possible players Canucks may be interested in


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For me and what I've noticed, Bonino had a great start to the year with the Canucks. Since the fall though, his production has been very sporadic, he's not great on faceoffs (no one on the Canucks is except for maybe Horvat). 25 points in 52 games for Bonino - seems low for a 2nd line centre.

Faceoff stats:

Horvat (52.1%)

Richardson (48.4%)

Bonino (48.2%)

Henrik (47.3%)

Matthias (46.0%)

Vey (42.4%)

Well, that's it then. We need to trade Henrik (hehe) JK (obviously), maybe we do need to bring in a faceoff specialist though (ie. like we had in Manny). Winning faceoffs means puck possession.

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- Antoine Vermette

- Phil Kessel

- Keith Yandle

- Tyler Bozak

- Jiri Tlusty

- Chris Stewart

Kessel: we have Vrbata for $5 M

Stewart: Kass is scoring at the same pace as Chris, and he makes less than half of what Chris does. I'd pass.

Bozak/ Vermette: for the asking price, not sure how much of an upgrade they would even be.

Tlusty: Burr, Higgins, Hansen, Matthias are are scoring at similar paces; is the grit downgrade worth the added skill?

Yandle: fills a great need but again the asking price might be too much for us to consider.

Hope this post helps CDC see how well positioned this team is moving forward, with our bargain guys.

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Bozak? We already have a third line centre. Bozak isn't that good, over-paid for what he can do. Not worth a trade at all. Basically no to the leaf's garbage.


I understand the Leafs hate, and I approve it too, but being a Canucks fan in TO, I must respectfully disagree with your notion of Bozak being garbage. Bozak IS good, and not over-paid. 3.5M with 49 points in 58 games on the horrible Leafs? Not overpaid at all. He's one of few pieces on that team I would want on Canucks, along with JVR and Rielly.

Having said that, we shouldn't trade for him nonetheless, because:

1. We don't have assets for him unless we sacrifice the future

2. We're not a contender

Looking at the list, I can't think of a package that will pry those players out without sacrificing our future. I would much rather see us just sitting tight at the deadline. If we don't make the playoffs, so be it.

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The Vancouver Canucks could use a player like Yandle on the back end, someone who can run the first or second PP. There's no way Arizona will let him go without getting a young prospect + defenseman in return.



2nd Round (2015)



I'd do that. But it would probably have to be a 1st rounder and he's a lefty. Really, we should revisit this at the draft. We want our AHL guys to learn how to win together as well, don't we?
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No to all...be patient...stock pile for the future and build from within. That's how successful teams do it.

Our cupboards are restocking but not deep enough to make a huge gamble right now.

Right now if you haven't noticed our prospects/rookies have done very well because we have grown them from within the organization. That success of developing will be the reason why we succeed int eh future. Continue that trend and we will be a competing team sooner rather than later.

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none of them

and bozak's cap hit is 4.2 not 3.5 . and he is owed salary of 13.5 over next 3 years . over paid in my view

the article contains 15 names

only player i'd be interested in is eberle

No no no, I think he meant the Canucks would be interested in trading a 7th for Bozak (3.5/year retained) no way anybody would want him as anything more than a 13th fwd
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Benning must be kicking tyers about most available players just for the heck of it, and most of these guys would cost us picks/prime prospects so are pretty unrealistic, but Yandle would be fantastic in Vancouver.

TO VAN: Keith Yandle

TO ARI: Higgins, Sbisa and Cassels/McCann

The Canucks need to move the vet Higgins for younger kids to take up top 6 minutes. Sbisa is expendable with Yandle coming in, and one of Cassels or McCann are expendablr considering how well Horvat, Matthias and even Gaunce are playing right now.

Arizona does this because they're set for a top-3 pick (may get a good shot at Hanifin if the big top 2 centers are gone) who would replace Yandle in almost a year. Sbisa fills some of his minutes until then and is still young enough so good for a rebuild, and they get a gritty two way center to play behind Max Domi.

Most stars cost teams a current roster player, a good young player and an A/B grade prospect or 1st rounder.

Yandle would replace Edlers minutes and bring good offence instantly, and when our defencemen return from injury here's our full defence (suddenly one of the best in the NHL):

Edler - Tanev

Yandle - Bieksa

Hamhuis - Clendening

Stanton - Corrado

WOW way overpayment!!!I doubt we would touch any of these less it didn't cost us much and low draft picks 5th to 7th if any!

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