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I'm baaaaaaaaaacckkkkk


I know a ton of you have no idea who I am, but for those of you who remember me, I apologize for everything I did two years ago.

In all seriousness I am 100% positive I have matured exponentially beyond my once prepubescent mind, so expect me to be a lot better member to the forum than I used to be

Thanks to the mods for giving me another chance and here's to the community giving me a second chance as well!


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Be careful friends, once they enter the cave of CDC, it wraps it's arms around you. You can escape the arms whenever you want, but when you escape you remember that warm, fuzzy feeling you had when you were in the cave, so you head back like a child running into a candy storstore, unaware that each time you go back the arms hold you tighter and tighter. Soon, there is no escape. Drink wisely my friends, drink wisely.

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