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Proposal: Tanev + Higgins + Jensen for Pitts 1st + Edm 2nd +Marincin

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Tanev + Higgins+ Jensen for Pitts 1st + Edm 2nd +Marincin

Just wondering how the waters are on both side of this trade? Best player in the Trade is Tanev, by a country mile

Really want the first offer but if............

or Tanev to Tampa for 2015 1st + A prospect

or Tanev plus Jensen to NYR for 2015 1st + 2015 2nd + 2016 2nd

At the draft

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Hi Coastal

I am kind of half agreement with you on this one, but I have a question.....

As neither of us will be privy to any of Tanev and Bennings contract conversations or the demands of our other players.

Would this not be a good trade at the draft if Benning could not afford him for what ever reason? My understanding of Marincin, is that he will be a very viable top 4 defenseman when he fully develops.

My thought is that Edmonton would want him.......other teams may Keslerize us knowing we can't meet Tanev's demands?

Just saying........in saying all that, I would much rather keep Tanev.

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