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Neuvirth Becomes First Goalie To Be Fined For Diving


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Classic situation where interference was maybe a grey area call at best, but PP awarded because of the sell. If this were an important game and important situation I wonder how many players would legitimately be deterred by a $2000 fine if their team received an advantage at that particular moment.

I do like the shaming aspect of it though.

Sad that Luongo didn't claim the honours

It's funny, of all the games I watched Lu play this year I've noticed that he hadn't try to sell a single call in any one of them. It used to bug the hell out of me when he did it here because it took his head out of the game for an instant, and he did his fair share of it for sure.

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All goalies are divers these days. I played AAA goalie all throughout, so I understand the position, but it blows my mind how big of sissies most goalies are. A little bit of contact and most goalies will sell it. Suck it up and give the the guy a shot to the ankle if you don't like it. Cut the diving out.

Hate seeing players always coming to goalies aid for a little tap as well. Buncha wimps.

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