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[Trade] Nathan Horton to Leafs for David Clarkson

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Hard to believe his contract was not insured. Perhaps his injury status was known at time of signing.

This trade all but confirms that Nathan Horton's career is over. And at just 29 too. Too bad. I wonder if Romer played a part, although Horton got banged up a lot before and after. And he has a degenerative back injury. This is not concussion-related.

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COLUMBUS IS INSANE! They just gave Nonis a Get out of Jail free card! They don't even have to pay Horton because it's probably all covered by insurance.

Mind completely blown over why CBJ did this.

Yea... What on earth where they thinking? Maybe if Leafs covered 30% salary...

Nonis pulls another steal. Wow this guys a good gm.

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Horton on LTIR is the perfect get outta jail free card to TO. Plus they lose a roster player, make cap space, and enhances the tanking. Good on Nonis. Honestly thought it would be impossible to move Clarkson.

And no salary retained. Nonis for GM of the year imo.

Once again -- welcome to the cap era and the New NHL. No contract is too big, no player too untradable.

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Wow. Win for TO.

Clarkson flat out sucks. Horton is effective but injuries are close to taking his career. If he's allowed back he will be a lot better than Clarkson. No idea why CBJ did this deal, at all.

Columbus was paying Horton to not play. Long term injury relief for the salary cap only applies when a team spends to the cap. Columbus was never going to do that, so they were going to be spending $6M a year for nothing. With Clarkson, he is cheaper, so even if he sucks and does nothing, the nothing costs less to the owner.

Toronto is a cap team and since Horton can be put on LTIR, the Leafs will be able to spend over the cap by the amount of Horton's cap hit ($5.3M). By keeping Clarkson, Clarkson's salary is wasted money, that can't be replaced.

So, the Leafs use their financial advantage to get out of Clarkson's bad contract, and Columbus as a "have not team" saves a few bucks.

The anti-hockey trade. It is all about the bottom line for Columbus and freeing up cap space for Toronto.

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Nathan Horton is done, his back is just.. he's probably never playing hockey at the NHL level again

Columbus just doesn't want to pay him $$$ to be on LTIR because they're not that rich of a franchise, whereas Toronto probably doesn't give a sh** since Clarkson was a scratch anyways.

Insurance companies pay injured players...

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This is the type of deal where people need to remember the NHL is a business and not a fantasy league.

CBJ didn't have insurance on Horton's contract (LeBrun on Twitter), so they were on the hook for paying him while he was injured. For a team like Columbus, that's a huge deal because paying $5M a year for a guy who will no longer play would strip them of cash they can use more resourcefully elsewhere.

The Leafs are the mecca of hockey, and paying a guy $5M a year to stay on the sidelines won't hurt their bottom line as much, especially if they free up cap space to sign a player that can drive up jersey sales etc.

I completely understand this deal from CBJs perspective and I think they made a pretty decent trade. Clarkson won't be counted on as a top line player there and will be out of the scrutiny of the TO media.

Applaud both sides for this deal. A "hockey trade" at its finest.

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Aaron Portzline ‏@Aportzline 8s8 seconds ago

#CBJ did not have insurance on Nathan Horton, so they would have had to pay the full amount of his contract for the rest of his term.

All about the bucks.

So....insuring a players contract against LT injury/retirement is optional for each NHL team?


The Leafs are the kinda team who would then I suppose. Way more "have" then the Jackets

Surprised that's not a league wide policy though....

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