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[Rumour] Hawks and Caps talking Sharp trade

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Hossa doesn't have an NTC does he? Why is no one talking about the Hawks moving Hossa. Without an NTC and being the better player he would fetch a better return. He is older which would hurt the return but that would also be a plus for the Hawks in that Sharp probably has more in the tank. From the standpoint of Buffalo/Edmonton I would be extremely intrigued by Hossa. They've both got a really young group that could use a veteran to lead the way on the ice, someone to take the load/pressure off their youth, and they are both primed to become contenders with the addition of McDavid or Eichel. Teams like Calgary and Florida could also be interested. Budding young teams, similar (but not as good) as Chicago was when they signed Hossa who by adding a significant player like Hossa can bump their team into contender status.

Where can I see whether or not players have NTCs and what kind of NTCs they have now that cap geek is gone?


Hossa has a cap hit of $5.275 until the year 2022

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