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[Waivers] -McMillan,Volpatti,Schlemko,Ericsson,Zepp


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I recall a few threads over the last two weeks where people have wanted Erixon.

Well....if he falls that far here's our chance.

Also, Not shocked about McMillan. Kind of energetic but no real improvement and as just a warm body in the lineup we'd be better served having Jensen or someone up from the Comets.

Agreed that he didn't impress and there could be a good pickup option if we have room in the 23 man roster.

Patrick Johnston@risingaction 22m22 minutes ago

To be eligible for AHL playoffs, McMillan needs to be on Comets roster at deadline on Monday #ahl #canucks

That was true with the 'clear day roster' that used to be in place but that hasn't been used since the lockout. I'm not sure if this is accurate.

Does that go for Markstrom as well?

Now that the 'clear day roster' is gone, teams can submit their official playoff roster in April. Since Markstrom's being playing already for the Comets there isn't any issue with him going back for playoffs. I'm not sure if they have to make a paper transaction to facilitate that, but there's no worries about waivers.

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Erixon is interesting, but with the bodies coming back, do we make a play?

And even if we do, wouldn't there be another team (EDM for one) below that should claim him also?

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Never should have picked up McMillan in the first place. Oh well, maybe he can help out Utica.

And why not? Free pickup when we're injury riddled, wasn't a liability when on the ice and has more NHL experience in a3rd/4th line role than anybody we had in utica. I like willie and jbs style with the call ups. IMO bringing up Shink or Jensen to play that role isn't setting them up for success.

Agree that hopefully he can help Utica.

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In the Kimmo trade some people suggested we should buy low on Erixon...

Free waiver pick up? Not sure how we can get a better deal. Place a claim JB!

Also Arizona gets first crank at McMillan if they want, correct?

Crack. First crack at McMillan.

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