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[Poll] What should Benning do at the deadline?

Ossi Vaananen

Mr. Benning  

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Okay, I just thought the guy might have something more up his sleeve than the ability to read a map.

Nothing up my sleeve other than they are in the same Blast radius and he would fit well on all of those teams. Im sure he would also waive to go to Fla La Ana Bos but those teams wouldn't have a need for him.

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Guest Dasein

Stand pat - Benning's plan is to make the playoffs without sacrificing our future (draft picks + prospects)

The price at the deadline is too high for Benning to dip into and get a rental = stand pat

The current core has battled through so much adversity and still sits in a playoff spot = stand pat

To take any player out of the roster just to acquire one or two mid-round draft picks would be a huge slap in the faces of every player on our roster who have battled through so much to be in the position that they are in today - we are simply not going to be unloading a rental or veteran for draft picks at the deadline

The only type of trades I can perceive Benning making are:

  1. Forsling-Clendening type trade - where a prospect is flipped for the fully developed version
  2. hockey trade - where a roster player is traded for another roster player, or a rental for a rental, if it improves the current state of the team and/or its future
  3. What Florida did - used draft picks to acquire Jagr, but made it back by trading Bergenheim+Fleichmann
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