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Willie D's current system.

Lucky Day

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You're bang on! Sestito was also capable of 4th line work. You build from what you have. Tort's was playing his top players + 22 minutes from the get go. It might have worked in the past but I suggest that the condition of today's NHL players simply does not allow running 3 lines with token minutes to the 4th. To be fair to Tort's, AV was doing the same prior to his departure.

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When WD arrived one of his assitant coaches stated they'd run a combination of man on man and zone. Frankly if one thing has failed this year it's defensive coverage in their own end ....Vcr just gives up to much to often. To run a system like this there has to be a clear understanding of how it works. I believe you need players to make vital decissions quickly and IMO to much hesitation has caused turn overs. The Vcr D is just not up to this style. AV on the other hand made it real simple man on man and the first forward back took the roll of a centre the other 2 forwards filled in the remaining positions and stuck to their man like glue. It worked. In three years we've gone through three styles in our own end and that's not good. When you see a delayed reaction by a D ( it might be hald a second ) you know they're hesitatnt about what they should be doing. Sbisa actually said at the begining of the season "I think I'm catching on to the new style" IMO the WD system might be good in another year but as we speak it requires too much from the D'men

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