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Bost - Van (Proposal)

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Erikkson (4.5) + Khokhlachev (.8) + Boston's 2015 1st (2016-1st if they don't make it)= 5,300,000


Kassian (1.5) + Bonino (1.90) + Higgins (2.5) + .300,000 of Higgins yearly for 2 years = 5,600,000

Boston's is in a win now mode and everyone just got better, they want to beat Florida in and this pushes them that way.........all 3 Canuck contracts are solid and will help the Bruins bring down their cap for next year. (Boston needs low cap its and loves Kassian)

For Vancouver we get Eriksson, who has played with the Sedins before and gives them a decent 2nd line, moving either Vey Horvat, Matthais or Richardson in between Eriksson and Vrbata. Remember, Benning loves Khokhlachev. Wouldn;t even be surprised to see Khokhlachev put on the second line. Van takes .300 per year of Higgins salary to even the cap.

I mean who really knows....but it's close

Go ahead burry me!

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