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Why didn't we trade Dana Murzyn? (Discussion)

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The reason I bring up Dana Murzyn is that, Dana was not noted to be one our strongest Dman in his day, more of a 4/5.....mostly a 5. But in one glorious year Dana could not do anything wrong, and some of the fans were talking Norris Trophy winner......maybe be not, but man they were in love with Dana that year, he had " arrived"! He was voted best defenseman on the Canucks that year.

During a long walk with my father-in-law, I said we should trade him, he will never have better value, I pointed out that his career trend was that of a journeyman NHL Dman, and that he had played over his head all season.

Sure enough, next season, the old Dana showed up for the season and our opportunity was lost, everyone screamed we should have traded him last year! Those bone heads....everyone has career years!

My point to this sad story is that you are now seeing teams move older players for picks and prospects, they are either recognizing that they are not there yet and had better move some older assets, while they have value, or see them walk with no return, or they have recognized that they are close and are adding to bolster their line-up.

It should be one or the other, just not sitting in the middle of the road to get ran over!

I have read various posts, and most comments are either well we should be doing the same thing, and moving some players (aka "We are loosing out") and I wonder where you were over the last 2 months, when I was advocating moving out our older players or UFA's.............no don't be silly not all, but more than one, that is for sure.......but at the time of those posts....I was dirt.....a troll.....didn't love the Canucks..........well there is sure a lot agreeing with me in one way or another, now!

We needed to send out a clear message to TL and JB......and for the most part you did......."Don't trade anyone!" And they have listened!

Well lets wait and see what our future will bring, but don't whine about it , when we are still in the middle of the road 3 to 4 years from now....this is what you want!

Sorry about the title everyone.....yeah, pretty bad first attempt!

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Oh FFS I am sooooooo tired of "There is no way we're going to win this year, let's just trade every player over 23 and start over".


Lose the first two games of the season? ... tank

Lose a 1st round series? Not good enough yet.... Tank

Lose a mid season game to Buffalo at the end of the road trip? ... Tank

Let's just tank every single year because the Canucks will never go 82-0 then 16-0.

If we can't win it all then why even compete?

If we can't dominate then we might as well be the darlings of draft day, never mention the fact that our picks can never seem to develop because the get crushed in a mans league.

But we'll always have draft day.

Thinking I may have to avoid CDC for the next 48 hours or so.

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I stopped reading after you said Murzyn was a #5 or 6 D in his day; I guess you forget how he was paired with Lumme on our top pairing for about 5 or so seasons. He wasn't a bottom pairing defender in his day.

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