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[Discussion] Beef up the Defence

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It should be apparent that St.Louis will not go too far without a goalie upgrade. They did however push our Utica defense and lighter forwards around last night. If anything it shows we wont last too long if we make the playoffs without some size additions. Not much available but Bryan Allen toiling in Hamilton would easily be a #6 in this current group and he actually has some size to move the screen from in front of the net. it might cost an eighth rounder and there probably isn't much salary left to absorb. UFA next year. Easy to pull the trigger on something like this. Standing pat maybe gets us in and one round. The Twins and the core group will be one year older next year. If you think the core group can still win THEN help them out. Don't mortgage the future I agree. Make a move like this and you never know. Maybe the guys around Allen start playing bigger.

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Don't forget, our current group on the back end is:

Hammer, Sbisa (both played 25 mins. last night), Weber (played 22), Biega (18), Stanton and Clendening (17 each).

Three of the top 4 (Edler, Tanev, Bieksa) are out with injuries. Of those, the first two easily drive play in the right direction, and Juice has been a physical beast when he's on his game.

Edler - Tanev, Hammer - Juice, Sbisa/ Stanton - Clendening would be much better in handling bigger teams (Luca in a reduced, physical role should be able to do well).

Edler - Tanev
Hammer - Juice
Sbisa - Weber

Stanton - Clendening

Corrado, Biega, Pedan*, Tryamkin* (didn't management want to bring Nikita up soon?)

I wouldn't MIND getting a defensive D-man with mobility but it's not necessary IMO.

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