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[TRADE] M Talbot to BOS, J Caron to COL

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I like Talbot. Guy is money when it matters most.

Of course, Colorado is not going to be playing when it matters most, so they want their money back. Clearing his 1.75 for next year should give them more room this offseason.

Man, the Avs are a mess. Anyone else feel bad for Iginla?

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Hahaha! We retained 50%. WTF is Sakic thinking? For the love of God someone take away his trading privileges and only let Shermy make the deals from now on.

Do like the Carey for a 6th part. Glad he's gone. No use for 4th liners who are allergic to contact. Please let this mean Hishon finally gets his shot at being the first call up. Really hate McNabb for derailing his career.

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