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Jim Benning: Trade Deadline Press Conference & TSN1040 interview


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> Doesn't like trading draft picks. Flames brought up Baertschi and management looked into it. Believe Sven will one day be a top 6 scoring forward and the risk compared to picking with a 2nd round pick was well worth it. Believes Sven will be a real good player for the organization for a long time.

> Isn't moving Chris Higgins. Is a "glue guy in the locker room" and never asked him to waive his NTC.

> Conacher was brought in as a PP guy and a natural scorer who finishes will help Utica

> Will try to recover some of the lost draft picks. Loves draft picks but some moves like the one today, it hurts to get what you want.

> Not sure why Sven hasn't progressed in Calgary. Believes he needs a change of scenery and loves his play. Scouted him years ago and thought he was the best junior player at the time. Fast skilled player that will fit in well with the team moving forward.

> Goal is to make the playoffs each and every year. Plan is to inject youth each season with veterans and teach them the right way to play bringing them up in a winning environment and ensure they develop properly.

> Gave the team the opportunity to prove themselves and they have done so. Why the team has decided not to sell this deadline and throughout the adversity (injuries), the players proved they deserve a shot to stay together and be given a chance.

> Sven is really really excited to come to Vancouver. Talked with him after the trade and he knows Travis Green from years past. Baertschi knows the style of play and will fit right in.

> Clarified 2015 2nd round pick was traded.



> Happy with todays outcome. Went into the deadline looking to make hockey deals and is happy with the current team, and they deserve a chance to show what they can do.

> Team competes for each other and not themselves. Says the team bond is special and there's no telling what they can accomplish. Says that bond was relevant in the Boston game.

> Really high on Sven. Believes he's young enough to grow into a top 6 player for them.

> See's the foundation being laid for the future with the next wave of prospects being brought up and developed.

> With these trades, JB feels the team has filled in lost prospects in different age groups which the team lacked. Says previous Canucks teams were contending and made trades which sacrificed the future and that future happens to be now which JB is trying to make up for.

> Very appreciative of Utica team and helped them by acquiring Conacher to help them on the PP. Wants them to be successful in the AHL and NHL and know how to compete in the playoffs starting off in the A.

> Felt a player of Baertschi's talent wouldn't be available in the 2nd round and Sven is 4 years ahead of his development already having played in the AHL and NHL for a bit. Was hard giving up the 2nd but good deals hurt a bit and feels this deal was worth while.

> Had some calls on Kassian but in the last couple weeks, he's pushed to show the type of player he can become. Has taken a step in the right direction and therefore ended up keeping him.

> Bringing in Dorsett was a huge culture change for the team. Kassian hangs out with Derek a lot and learns off him. The hard work, determination, practice, habits needed to be successful.

> Real impressed by Bo shutting down the Toews', Tavares' of the league. Adjusting to the pace of the NHL game still. Plays a mature defensive game, and if he keeps that side of it up, the offensive game will naturally come as well.

> Teams called on UFAs Matthias, Dorsett, Richardson but JB said he's not trading them.

> Talks a whole lot about his his passion for drafting and developing prospects. Talks about the past, present, future for about 15 mins and counting! Too much to jot down, will post link to interview when it's done with. Can see the pure passion in JB with his developing background :) :)

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He sounds like a prairie farmer.

Honest, straightforward and salt of the earth.

He does more thinking than speaking.

Prairie farmers say "right" and "eh" a lot too (which JB does)... just think "Out for a rip" and that's basically rural SK.

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I, for one, am very excited about Baertschi. We are always begging for someone who has potential to become a top 6 guy some day. He has a huge chance to be that guy here. He's got the talent. I think this is gonna end up being a very significant move in a couple years.

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i'm glad to hear him say higgins is glue on this team..i agree with that and is one of the reasons that he is my favorite player..

i don't see them moving higgins, richardson, burrows and matthias until, players come along that can move them off the team.

they won't push virtanen, mccann, shinkaruk or jensen onto the team before they are ready...i respect and accept his decisions.

he sure knows more about hockey than i do.

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