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season tickets renewal question


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I didn't keep all my emails for renewal dates.

But as far as dates for the 10% deposit.

(which I think is the same date?)

This year March 13

Last year April 9th

Year before April 30th

But the lockout and Olympics had a lot to do with that too.

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just wondering.. is the deadline to renew really march 14th? This is only my first season and i'm still debating about next year.. aren't previous years the deadline in early april?

Last Tuesday, we sent you an email with your renewal information for the 2015.16 Season and upcoming 2015 Playoffs. As a reminder, the early bird bonus deadline is Wednesday, March 4th. Don’t miss your opportunity to enter into the draw for a chance to win your 2015.16 Season membership!

The final deadline to renew is Friday, March 13th.

Thank you for your incredible support and continued commitment to our team, we truly appreciate it. If you have recently submitted your season renewal, please disregard this email.

You have to confirm by that date that you wish to renew it doesn't matter of the package like you can confirm renewal and then downgrade to like a 10 game package and you will keep you high queue number. You can also just cancel before making any payments. How bad would they look if they forced you to buy season tickets before you've been charged anything.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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