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Oh, It Gets Better... Lupul, Phaneuf and Cuthbert all Suing TSN for tweet put on-air

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Gall Legge Grant & Munroe LLP Release a Statement on Behalf of Their Clients Dion Phaneuf, Elisha Cuthbert and Joffrey Lupul

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - March 3, 2015) - The following is a statement by Peter A. Gall, Q.C. of Gall Legge Grant & Munroe LLP on behalf of their clients Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert and Joffrey Lupul.

"On behalf of our clients Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert and Joffrey Lupul, we have sent a letter to TSN demanding that TSN issue a formal apology and pay a significant amount of damages to each of our clients for broadcasting a false and defamatory tweet during their trade deadline show yesterday. We are sending a similar letter to the author of the tweet, Mr. Anthony Adragna.

"It is bad enough that there are people who spend their time using social media to publish such false and malicious stories, but it is made much worse when a reputable media outlet like TSN gives broad circulation and credibility to these false stories by republishing them as TSN did.

"If TSN and Mr. Adragna do not immediately comply with the demands set out in our letters, we have instructions from our clients to immediately commence a lawsuit against them.

"Our clients will not be discussing this matter with the media. Any questions should be directed to the undersigned."


Social media hasnt been kind to Toronto Maple Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul at the NHL trade deadline.

Please recall in 2011 when Down Goes Brown used a series of tweets that welcomed Lupul to Long Island to fool the Leafs winger into believing hed been traded to the New York Islanders.

This time, the joke was a little cruder. Anthony Adragna, a die-hard Leafs fan, tweeted a joke about Lupul at TSNs #TradeCentre hashtag. It read: I want the leafs to keep lupul solely based upon the fact that he banged phaneufs wife.




Wait, doesn't Bell own TSN and their team? Why could this not be handled internally?

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The growing problem here is that a lot of NHL teams have jokey twitter accounts themselves. If players can sue fans for jokes, then why can't fans launch class action suits to do the opposite when teams' accounts poke fun at fanbases? Or in cases, individual fans, as these new age team twitter accounts have been known to engage with individual fans on twitter.

Sure, this tweet was (fail) posted by TSN on-air, but where do you draw the line?

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The "fan" should absolutely get sued. Stupid ass jokes like that can ruin marriages. Joking about hockey players and how they play is one thing, it goes with the territory but it is never right to attack a player personally. I hope this fan gets made an example of.

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Didnt take long for TSN to apologize...

Statement from TSN

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Yesterday when TSN was reporting on the NHL trade deadline it displayed a scrolling ticker of tweets from the public.

In spite of TSN's protocols to prevent unfounded and inappropriate tweets from making it to air, a false, and inappropriate tweet was allowed to run.

There was no basis for the false allegation made in this tweet.

TSN unreservedly apologizes to Joffrey Lupul, Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert and regrets any embarrassment this unfortunate incident has caused to them.
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