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Local DJ, Fred Latremouille, Dies at Age 69.


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Anyone remember him? You have to of a certain age to remember him, since his heyday was in the 60's and 70's. I am sure a lot of you guys were not even born when he was popular.

Besides being on radio stations like CKLG, he was a weather person on BCTV, Channel 8, now known as Global.

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I was a fan and have good memories of Fred on 'LG back in the day. Growing up in Vancouver in the 1960's and seventies was an exciting time. Free rock concerts in Stanley Park, the Georgia Straight first started publishing, getting stoned at Retinal Circus and the Elegant Parlour. Latremouille was well known and respected in the scene.

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I remember him as the weather guy on BCTV then moving on to CFUN.

Just thinking about the glory days of LG73 brings back great memories.

Anyone remember The Morning Zoo with Dean Hill, Graham Hatch, Kerry Marshall and others.

Just a blast to listen to those guys.

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I the mid 60s Fred had a local hit on the charts called Latrimotion...he is backed by the C-Fun Classics and thats him playing the drums....


In 1967 Fred and another LG73 Boss Jock The Real Roy Hennessy did a parody of the Rolling Stones hit Ruby Tuesday..called Grubby Thursday..it received a lot of local airplay..brought a smile to my face hearing it again...


Fred was one of the main reasons I got into radio..listening to him and a few others..when I was young a few of us made a radio station in my bedroom and strung wire down the street with speakers going into some of our friends bedroom windows..we called it C-Tel audio 74..lol

I think that went a long way to influencing my life,,I was to work at 9 radio stations over a 20 year period.

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