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50 Shades of Mafia [GAME OVER]

Captain Aerosex

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Vote Count:

3 - Peaches (Kakanucks, Peaches, HashtagNucks)

2 - RickGrimes (JohnLocke, Intoewsables)

2 - King Heffy (VICanucksfan5551, Master Radishes)

2 - Master Radishes (g_bassi13, King Heffy)

2 - Apples (otherwise, One one two)

1 - Zfetch (ilduce39)

1 - Intoewsables (Rick Grimes)

1 - Buddhas Hand (Mathew Barzal)

1 - otherwise (Apples)

1 - HashtagNucks (Time Lord)

1 - g_bassi13 (mau5trap)

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I wish I had more to contribute right now but I really don't. Usually something would occur in the first round like someone claiming ANY role that could get the TP going in a certain direction, but that hasn't happened yet. I imagine that's why people are reluctant to make any push at a vote to stray away from looking suspicious.

It's more Mafia-esque to sit back and wait for things to unfold too. I personally have never been a 1ST RD player unless I have a significant role. I just don't really have an aim of where to start I guess?

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