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Our most fragile time.


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I bet we're ahead of the pace that 80~90% of us forecast, after training camp.

Comets have been pretty darn solid, which portends to a brighter future.

MANY of our prospects have also had stellar seasons.

So now our young guys get the valuable experience of a PO push. We probably have one of the best schedules(home & away/rest days) of teams in the hunt. Sport in essence, is about rising above the challenges. Either we do, or we don't..that simple.

I say look at the Flames(ironically) as a source of inspiration. THAT's how a team must perform, when something worthy's at stake. Tip my cap to 'em, with their recent performance.

You've got to EARN it..I don't wanna qualify for PO's by backing in awkwardly, due to the ineptitude of every other rival. Go in there hard & strong, or accept losses(with some dignity), & take another good draft pick.

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Just so you know.. Playing goalie isn't solely a numbers game... Well I guess it is, but the only number that counts is the number of wins. One of a goalies most important jobs is stopping the puck when it truly matters, when the game is on the line. This is something miller excels at. Not taking anything away from Eddie, I love the guy... But he is by no means an equal to miller.

What you have to think about is how many games miller has been blown out in. This skews his save percentage and his GA. If you look at chunks this season, you will see the stretches where we were on winning streaks is when miller is putting up 95 save percentages and 1.something goals against.

By the way.... Miller played through the whole Hamus injury as well as a lot of the others lol Eddie has inky been the starter for a couple weeks and our defensive injuries have plagued us for months.

As per your 2nd bolded point Lack gets blown out as well. If someone would care to provide some numbers for this it might prove your point better.

As for the first one it's not as easy as saying the goalie needs to stop the puck when it matters. An opposing team can score the game winning goal in the first period or the second when at the time it may not feel important at all. Whereas what I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) you're referring to is stopping goals in the 3rd period or the final 10, 5, 2 minutes of the game - "when it counts".

I wasn't trying to bash Miller, I'm more confident with him in net until Lack has proven himself; however, objectively their numbers are basically identical.

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