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Tweet for a good cause - #PanthersPalooza


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Anyone who has a Twitter account can help do something good today (March 7) to help kids in Florida with developmental disabilities just by tweeting using #PanthersPalooza during the Florida/NYI game this afternoon (which starts at 4pm our time.)

For every #PanthersPalooza hashtag on Twitter and Instagram used during the game on March 7, the Florida Panthers will donate .50 cents a tweet towards purchasing iPads for children in ARC Broward’s preschool, afterschool and summer camp programs to use for educational purposes and as a means of adaptive communication for students with developmental disabilities.

Read more: http://panthers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=756804


George Richards @GeorgeRichards 56m56 minutes ago

#FlaPanthers co-owner @Dougielarge changed the rules so 50 cents all day to @ARCBroward for each #PanthersPalooza mention. Retweet often.

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Thanks for the information but I think you might be missing the point. They're not trying to get iPads for kids to use as toys. They're raising money to give to an organization iPads that will be used "for educational purposes and as a means of adaptive communication for students with developmental disabilities." These kids actually need the help of technology to learn and for some even to communicate with those around them. That's far from just using them as mere toys.

(And, btw, even according to your link the wifi is the issue, not the device itself. So, there's nothing wrong with giving children these devices, especially if they actually need them, if you just turn off the wifi and bluetooth. The programs they need can be installed and updated via USB.)

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Are you going to put on your tinfoil hat, and hide from the government cause they're spying on you too? I love people who think WiFi can actually damage your body. You do realize that every single electronic known to man gives off radiation, right? So unless you're amish, you're a hypocrite. You know sunlight is radioactive. You gonna avoid the sun now too? Get real. You could strap an iPhone to the side of a rat for a year turn on bluetooth, wifi and gps and leave it running and it wouldn't do anything.

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