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Vrbata is an Artist with the puck


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Vrbata puts together another Canuck MVP game.

Guy is doing it for the team both defensively and offensively.

Has single handedly restarted Bonino's scoring.

Hands down the best free agent signing of the year.

The best part about Vrbata is his consistency...he has been putting up points pretty much all season. He has a chance to score each night.

The Canucks have a #17 with 30+ goals....I don't really miss the old #17.

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Seem to have struck a few nerves without even trying. I guess there are a few art majors out there, eh? Heh heh. Have another couple Starbucks mocha cappuccinos, cool daddios.

Oh yeah, Vrbata is awesome and thankfully became a hockey player (instead of an artist).

Or, you know, some people appreciate culture and one of its most important iterations. Your hockey player wouldn't make the airplane, my friend. Culture and meaning-making are what distinguish you from other animals. Raw utilitarianism leads easily to questionable ethics and the commodification of (human) life.

Go Vrbata, go.

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