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[PROPOSAL] Lack trade

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To me, Lack is a guy you want in the dressing room. He always has a smile on his face and he always has a positive attitude. Not once did he let his situation effect that. He is also a very capable backup, and can be a stopgap for other tenders to develop. Keep Lack, trade Miller or Markstrom.

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After last night's performance ( :P) and with Niemi going UFA this year (and with no starter in their prospect pool):

To SJS: Eddie Lack

To VAN: 2015 1st

was thinking about this last night as well! He would do well for SJS and would love it there and the fans would love him, it would be great for their team. Niemi looked so shaky all night mis handling pucks that slowly dribbled towards him.

But with the hype around this draft, SJS will want something more - id be willing to add in Jensen - I just never liked the pick and do not have much time for big guys who dont use their size. he is a pretty one dimensional player.

I would do something like

To SJS: Lack and Jensen

To VAN: SJS 1st in 2015 and 2nd in 2016 or 2015 SJS' choice

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That's a fair deal. I'd only trade him for a first at this point. Preferably to the east. If no one is willing to give up a first for him then I'd rather keep him and trade Miller next year at the deadline.

There is a problem in waiting till the deadline.

We lose Markstrom on waivers for nothing at the start of the year.

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Do the CDC people who propose these trades own their own businesses?

I can just imagine walking into their store and finding an 80 dollar price tag on some old hammer you could get for 20 bucks.

Not that Eddie doesn't have an 80 dollar personality... But come on.

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The move that is most logical is trading Lack. Markstrom isn't far behind at all. One bad game and CDC thinks hes a massive bust. I still have a lot of hope for Markstrom and was delighted when he came here in a trade. He is also younger than Lack and with Lack having higher trade value it just makes sense.

I think the best option in trading lack is in a package deal. Lack + asset = very good asset

If you look at the goalie market there is more supply than demand for quality goalies. San Jose is an option but there are a lot of other teams out there moving goalies around this summer.

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