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[2015 NHL Draft] - Jacob Jaremko

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Jacob Jaremko - Mr. Hockey Award Recipient 2015!!!


Team: Elk River High School Hockey

Position & Style: Two-Way Forward (can play all up-front positions)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170lbs

Point Breakdown [as of March 9th, 2015]
Games Played: 25

Shots on Goal: 39
Shooting Percentage: 56.4%

Power Play Goals: 6

Power Play Assists: 17

Goals: 22
Assists: 46
Cumulative Points: 68

A nimble and advantageous two-way forward, Jacob Jaremko is a force to be reckoned with at both ends of the ice. He is a quick thinker, and his hands and feet are just as quick as his mind; effective in all situations and is proactive when it comes to taking advantage of and capitalizing on small mistakes and turnovers given up by opponents. All-in-all, an athletic two-way player with tremendous hockey sense and work ethic; his refined abilities will afford him the chance to become a game-changer wherever he plays. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)

I'm honestly really happy for Jake. Watched him only six times this year, but he's blown me away with how hard he works at both ends. His versatility in the lineup and ability to play different roles is a testament to how reliable he is in key situations. Definitely worthy of the Mr. Hockey award. He's smart and patient with the puck and very poised too; many players at this age can panic and try to rush or force plays, but Jake is always very calm and doesn't make a play if he thinks it won't end up in a scoring chance.

I think he'll play at the AHL level for a couple of years and will be NHL ready around the age of 22; one thing's for sure: whichever NHL team picks him will be mighty happy they did, down the road.

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