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People put way too much in how many total goals one person has. For example, the Penticton Vees (Junior A) this year, were the highest goal scoring team in the league , and had the most points in the league, yet not ONE player made the top 40...yes FORTY in the scoring...

They are a four line team, and goals and points come from everyone. The teams that have 5 guys in the top 10 scoring, are already out of the playoffs, and one team didnt even make the playoffs!

I love how this team (Canucks ) is a more balanced team, 4 line team...it will go a longer way than having one guy score 50 goals and the team never doing anything in the playoffs (Washington)

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Hamhuis is our most productive offensive D-man, and best or 2nd-best defensively.

He's looked good with Sbisa. Covers up for Luca's gambles and always seems to be aware of whats going on, really smart player. Edler and Tanev are also very smart players. We have a high hockey IQ on our blueline........... well at least until Bieksa comes back! When Hammer was out and Juice was paired with Sbisa, that was downright scary!

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Puts some stuff into perspective, thanks for posting. Scoring is sort of spread out beyond the twins and Vrbata. Across our D, the point totals are kind of pitiful. Yet somehow, we're winning games.

Matthias at 20-10 isn't worth the $4m some people think he's worth. That production from Dorsett, Horvat and Hansen is remarkable though. Aside from a scoring drought in January, team-wide I think we could have seen some really nice production. If those 30-35 point guys were in the 40 range, it would look much better.

Resigning Matthias would be nice, but I agree, someone is going to throw big money at him. Especially if he hits 20 and plays well in the postseason. He is a beast and I could totally see Toronto throw a Clarkson like contract his way.

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Just a few minor points -

Kassian - 12 and 7 doesn't make 20.

Tanev - 2 and 16 does not make 19

Regardless, I've been impressed with team resiliency, and ability to score by committee. Alot of positives this year for sure.

I forget to change the numbers sometimes. In reality, these numbers have decimal places behind them. For example, Tanev's numbers are 2.48 goals and 16.15 assists, for 18.63 points. Excel just rounds them accordingly, so the 2.48 goes down to 2 and his 16.15 assists go down to 16, but the 18.63 points rounds up to 19.

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Hamhuis is our most productive offensive D-man, and best or 2nd-best defensively.

He's definitely been great lately. Isn't scoring, but occasionally jumps up at good times and makes things happen.

Time Lord is right on this one. Hamhuis isn't scoring goals (obviously) but the leads the Canuck d-men in points per 60 minutes played and more than half his assists are first assists.

I checked out the advanced stats on nhl.com

Biega's Corsi numbers are terrible. He is a likeable guy, It was great that he made it to the NHL and it was great that he got the game-winning goal in his first game. But he is not an NHL defenceman.

Stanton's numbers are not good. And he and Bieksa take too many penalties. Edler and Tanev are of course very good. If we adjust for quality of competition - QoC (not shown) they are even better. So is Hammer and that also helps Sbisa, but hurts Corrado, Clendening, Stanton, and Biega.

Corrado has a remarkably bad plus/minus in view of his Corsi numbers and given that his quality of competition is not high. It is hard to explain, but it suggests he is giving up too many high quality chances and not generating high quality shot attempts.

And of course Sbisa and Bieksa contribute a lot to the physical game.

Overall the following top 4 makes sense:

Edler Tanev

Hammer Sbisa

Bieksa should probably go the third pairing when he comes back. Not sure who he should partner with. It would also be tempting to move Sbisa to the left side (and his natural side) and have Hammer and Bieksa together again. Then maybe Weber or Clendening could pair with Sbisa.

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