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I live about 30 minutes away from Britannia Ice Rink. Every Saturday from 1:30pm to 3pm they have Public Skating. And they also have more that I can't remember but if you'd like to rent skates/helmets for free, Britannia is your best bet.

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Look for "stick and puck" in the skating schedules. It's not full-on scrimmage or anything, but just for a little practice or fooling around. You need to be 19 or older and you need only helmets, face shields and gloves (and I guess skates and sticks haha). This is the schedule (I was just looking through it when I saw your thread) that I picked up today from the rink, so double check to see if times have changed.

Stick and Puck


  • Kerrisdale 845 -1000
  • Trout Lake 1145 - 1315
  • West End 2045 - 2215


  • Hillcrest 1145 - 1315


  • Kitsilano 1145 - 1315


  • Hillcrest 1145 - 1315


  • Britannia 1200 - 1330
  • Kitsilano 2130 - 2200


  • West End 1645 - 1815
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