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Good restaurants on or near west 4th/kits


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definitely going to check that out, nice looking menu

Beyond having excellent food, I love this about them:

Eight ½ restaurant lounge is based on the principle that what goes in your body should be simple, fresh and local. As part of a port city, we’re able to source the freshest ingredients from around the lower mainland and the rest of the Pacific Rim to create dishes that Vancouverites can now call their own.

We prepare these classics with clean cooking methods, so no deep fryers, cooking gasses or microwave here. We also recently started a new recycling & compost program, which joins our current efforts in decreasing energy usage and waste.

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Beyond having excellent food, I love this about them:

I'm down with most of that....cooking without gas though? I've never seen a restaurant do that and I ran a couple kitchens back in the day. The grills, the deep fryers, the salamanders and (most of) the ovens were all gas.

I like the fact that they show on the website where exactly they source their food. The next time I hit Granville Island, I'm grabbing some of that apple wood smoked bacon.

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