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I predict patty marleau and Jumbo Joe leaving in the off season...

The sharks have to divest now and focus on rebuilding..

For the last 5 or more years Wilson has just been retooling the team like we are, but now they really need to blow it up..

Hard to believe the sharks have been potential stanley cup contenders for over 10 years, but still haven't gotten to the finals once.

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How does that show that joe is a bad leader?

Sharks management is bad if anything

He lead that team, whatever reasons they fell short

Too many haters on this board


His team is fighting for a playoff spot right now, and he's creating a distraction.

Leaders don't always say what's on their mind, they do what's best for the team. They need to be in control of their emotions.This conversation could have easily been saved for the summer.

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While I sometimes don't like how Hank never calls it like we see it, it makes me realize how lucky we are to have him as captain of our team. Makes me appreciate him more when I read stuff like this. Can anyone imagine Hank saying something like that?

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The guy just does too many things you don't want a "leader" doing.

Who wants to hear about what he'd do with himself if he scored 4 goals?

Lacks the composure of a leader.

Here his GM is essentially complimenting him, aside from pointing out that Thornton lashes out at people when he's frustrated, to which he responds that his GM needs to shut his mouth. A captain doesn't make matters worse whenever he opens his.

Just reinforces that Wilson made the right decision.

Thornton needs to take a time out - learn to compose himself and think before reacting.

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