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Calling up Baertschi

Lui's Knob

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Looking at the 2nd line unit for the PP and the 2nd line in general. Bonino has cements in his skates, and coughs up the puck too many times in his own zone and the line is just a weak spot for any goals or creativity on the line. If Bonino is moved to the wing where he is better suited, is there not a case for Sven to be called up? He's already got some experience, on a good string of games in Utica, and he can't be any worse than Bonino or Vey as a 2C....


Bonino - Baertschi - Vrbata

Higgins - Horvat - Mattias

Hansen - Richardson - Dorsett



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They're not going to risk hurting his confidence right now.

He needs to just work with Green, and get back to the player he was when he was drafted 13th overall.

There's no need to rush. He'll be part of the continued youth movement next season.

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Id love to see him get a shot, but others are right in stating that he's gaining his confidence back under coach Green. If the Comets playoff run ends before Vancouvers, theres a good chance we could see him draw into a playoff lineup imo.

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So the Canucks lost Kassian and added some dude named Horvart?

Maybe we need a burro for the third line.


What I mean to say is.....keep trying and maybe one day you'll get it right.

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