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CAUTION. don't get your hopes up for these canucks. CAUTION


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fact is they can't beat LA, CHicago, a improved calgary, nashville, anaheim with regularity.

Do people really expect to go far with this team.

That's if they even MAKE the playoffs!

a playoff matchup with ANYONE other than St Louis the canucks are toast

So as a fellow Canuck fan to all ones reading right now, i'd like to be the one to step up and say that this canuck team isn't good enough.

i love my canucks but dam what a fall off from 2011.........

hopefully our epic prospects like horvart and shinrkeuak, mccann can step up and be forces to face the la kings and chicago blakchawks of the league

canucks are 22nd best 5 on 5 team in the league! unsustainable agianst 5 on 5 beasts

thank you

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LA is the only team i dont have confidence in playing. Especially in the playoffs.

Anahiem and San Jose are the other 2 toughest. If we played our best game for the series, we could win.

Other teams like Preds, Blues, Blackhawks, FLAMES, Jets, Wild, I would be a little dissapointed if we lost. Unless its a hard fought 6 or 7 games series with the Blackhawks or Preds. Id be disappointed as a fan, but not there effort.

If we avoid having to play the Kings. We have just as good a shot at the SC, as any other team. If we have to face the kings, hopefully it's in the 3rd round, and hopefully their tired by then from playing so much hockey the last few years.

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Once the playoffs begin, anything can happen.

In my opinion I think the Canucks do have a chance against Chicago (no Kane), Calgary (no Giordano), Anaheim (goaltending), or Nashville (cooled off). With lucky bounces and surprises it is possible. I don't think they could beat LA in a series unless they were hit with injuries or were too tired from their comeback to make the playoffs (which I don't see happening).

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