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GDT: Around the NHL Weekend of March (14-15) 2015

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The ‪‎NHL‬ is expected to recommend a portion of overtime changing to 3-on-3 at the annual GM meetings this summer. A major talking point is the difference in the number of NHL and ‪AHL‬ games decided by shootout this season. 56.8% of NHL games that are tied after regulation end up being decided by a shootout, whereas the AHL figure is 23.1 percent. The AHL plays a seven-minute overtime and switches from four-on-four to three-on-three at the first stoppage after the four-minute mark. The NHL has a five-minute overtime with four-on-four play only.

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Filthy shootout goal in the ‪KHL‬!

So beautiful. Back through the legs and in the net in less than a second. Goalie had no chance on that, he pulled it off so quick and the he had the goalie already slipping to the right. Impossible for the goalie to change direction in less than a second.

Well thought out from start to finish.

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