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Puck hits side of the net, almost called a goal! (STL/MIN)

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Why is everyone ragging on the refs and the commentators?? Here is how I would have imagined it happened.

Goal horn sounds, from a lot of angles on the ice it looks like the puck is in the net. Minnesota players talk to refs, probably saying that it wasn't a goal and its not a good goal. Refs call Toronto for review. Either the Refs thought it was about the stick height or they weren't specific with Toronto, and Toronto only thought they were looking at the stick height. Stick height OK, good goal. Dubnyk is like wtf, talk to official again and probably explains that the puck never actually went in the net. Refs realize this, call Toronto again, Toronto looks at different angles of the goal. Because before, why should they? They have no idea to do that because they just want to see if the height of the stick is ok. Toronto is all like haha yup thats no goal. The end. A random chance, it could happen to anyone in that situation.

Also, the commentators were fine too. At first they were talking about the stick height and that it is a good goal, because of course thats what everyone thought at first. As soon as they saw a different camera angle they realized it right away, to be honest even before I realized it when I was watching it live. Sure yeah its kind of funny, but saying that because of this they suck at their jobs and it is incompetence is just stupidity.

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