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Who is most tradeable of Miller,Bieksa Burrows

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I think miller would be the easiest

I would look somewhere like San Jose... I would try and get a player like Matt Nieto, Matt Tennyson, Melker Karlsson plus a pick most likely try to get a 2nd round pick

I dont think he has huge value as he used to but he played very well this year and is an upgrade over Niemi IMO

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Biggest return?

Juice if he rebounds well next season, right-handed top-4 D-men are pricey. Would be crazy if J.B. could get Coburn value for Juice (seems improbable but Juice has been putting up better numbers in his career than Braydon).

I was thinking Burr before. Teams at the deadline often look for that final piece for a push, and he's got the grit and history of production (0.48 p.p.g. in the post-season) and he's proven that he could score aside from the Sedins, so I'd think teams would be interested as he's a top-6 guy, but of course that wouldn't work if we cap dump him. Think Cole + 3rd for two prospects and a 2nd for comparison?

Miller wouldn't get as much IMO. Not sure but maybe a couple 2nd's? If Lack's ready though I'd do it (or something similar).

Easiest to move, Miller - Burr - Juice.

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I feel like Niemi walks in the offseason and Miller to SJ would make sense for everybody involved.

I'm not sure we can get very much value for Miller but you never know.

People keep saying that, but a number of San Jose players went to the team and backed him so they didn't look to trade him at the deadline.

That said, if the offseason is a different story then they'll be back at looking for a younger goalie. I don't think Miller fits that bill, but Lack or Markstrom might if they feel they can split with Stalock.

They all have similar value in general if you ignore the NTCs, but each team may value them differently so it depends on who you think would trade for them. And goalies generally garner a smaller return, so there's that.

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