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Best bang for your buck?

Eat before the game.

Exactly. I spend boatloads of money going to Jets games because there is nothing that compares to it in Winnipeg. However, there are many more affordable and tastier food options available than arena food.

Eating at an arena is just poor planning.

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The popcorn...? We always get popcorn when we go to games.

Wife and I do this from time to time. Except she'll sneak in her small ziplock bag of Smartfood Popcorn instead, as it is still way cheaper.

When I want to bring snacks, I'll usually buy pecans the day beforehand, sprinkle with seasoning, roast in oven for 10-12 minutes, sprinkle with salt, seasoning salt, and a bit soy sauce. Then bring some to the game next day. Cheaper.

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This guy nailed it. For a hotdog and a pop in the arena you're looking at close to 10 bucks, whereas it's about 1.50 at Costco. Case closed.

Not to mention Costco hotdogs have something strangely addicting about them.

You know they sell those exact 1/4 pound hotdogs in bulk in Costco too. You can be livin the dream at home. Dont even need to put yer pants on.

I went to a Tampa Lightning Game on a trip to Florida in January. Tickets were cheap but the price of stadium fare was about the same rip off prices as here. Not much selection there either. A double size can of beer was $12 US. You never seen so many Stamkos jerseys in one place.

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