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Capgeek founder Matthew Wuest passes away

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Matthew Wuest poured his heart into his work.
The former Metro Halifax sports reporter and CapGeek founder was always the one writing the stories, often shying away from having stories written about him.
Wuest died during the early morning hours Thursday at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, wife Melanie Patten by his side, following a two-and-a-half year battle with colon cancer.
While he was never one to have the media spotlight shining his way, Wuest’s story is one that deserves to be told.
“He was just a great guy who really loved what he did,” Metro Halifax managing editor Philip Croucher said Thursday. “I’ve never seen anyone do it better.”
Wuest was dedicated to doing the best possible job, yet was never satisfied with the end result.
The Stanley, N.B., native was always trying to better himself, whether covering local sports such as the Halifax Mooseheads, Halifax Rainmen and Atlantic University Sport for his full-time job with Metro, or developing what became one of the most popular online hockey resources out there, a side gig ran out of the “CapGeek offices,” his north-end Halifax home.
“There were days I’d wonder how he would get stories and information, he was so connected to the sports world, both nationally and internationally,” said Croucher, who also worked with him at defunct Halifax newspaper The Daily News.
Wuest was a humble soul, happy to collect the facts and conduct interviews, and as his recent quiet shutting down of CapGeek shows, apt to stay out of headlines himself.
“He didn’t go for the attention that he could have gotten through that site,” Croucher said of CapGeek.
“He was able to do that, and still without question, be the best sports reporter in Halifax – that speaks volumes to the talent that he was.”


Could he go into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a builder?
His outstanding accurate work changed the world of hockey!

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Mr. Wuests' contributions to the hockey world were unmeasurable. What he created was brilliant and all who know hockey could relate to his website. Sad to see such a humble and hard working guy leave so soon. May his family have strength through this tough time.

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