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[PGT] Canucks @ Kings

-Vintage Canuck-

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Maybe you guys wanna keep predicting Canucks losses in the GDT. Seems to work.

But seriously, (and I don't want to sound like apollo), there was a totally embarrassing lack of faith displayed by some of you people in what is supposed to be "your team". Shots were 42-26 Vancouver. No amount of disgusting reffing or Kings goonery could stop them today.

So yeah, in short, what are the haters gonna say about this one?

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I....am....almost....at...a....loss for words....

How does a team look so bad against the 4 worst teams in the league the past month, go out and beat a team that has had their number the past several years and beat them in their barn?


I am pleasantly surprised!

Have to beat them again on April 6th!

Go Canucks GO!

This was the easy game of the road trip...the tough one is tomorrow in Glendale.

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It doesn't get any better! Let's savour this moment!

So good to see the Kings choke on a big game.

There's no way that Williams didn't deserve a slashing penalty on Lack with 1:00 to go.

But the refs were putting away their whistles. Right, ask Hansen how that went.

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A few huge accomplishments in this game to note.

1. Obvious. Beat the kingsm

2. Beat them on home ice

3. We scored on PP

4. 40+ shots. Played the gameplan to perfection.

5. Team stood up against the kings everywhere. Sedins crashin the net. Everyone in the scrums.

Big stuff we needed other than just the w

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