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[Proposal] Would the Canucks seriously look at trading Dan Hamhuis

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As we all know Hammer is getting older and is noticeable slowing down and getting caught flat footed with guys going around him.

His year this year as been horrible, but his last 10 games are really making me wonder why we are paying him 4.5 million. I love Dan and the payout he took to come here but I would trade him in the offseason.

Dan would be highly wanted in a trade. He could fetch us a 2nd 2015 ( which we lost in the Baerstchi trade ) or maybe even a late first + a young d-man. We now have depth at the defence position so we can afford to lose Hamhuis.





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I would think that it is pretty unlikely Hamhuis would waive his NTC.But if he was open to it then I would do it for the right price.

He played well while our D was hit with the injury bug but looks physically and mentally fatigued at this point in the season. Maybe all he needs is a game or two off

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Having one of his worst seasons in memory, let's trade him!!

Sounds like the Edler of last year...

Even if Hammers days are numbered, you aren't going to get much for him the way he's been playing. I think he needs the offseason, possibly a surgery, to repair his body and he'll come back fine for next season. That early season injury that he got looks to be affecting him more than we expected (remember, it was rumored he could have needed surgery and be done for the season, but then came back to play)

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I agree we should trade him too if he'd waive, but I don't understand people saying he's been bad this year. It's easy to call Edler-Tanev our 1st pairing but Hammer has been consistently our best d-man. He's so reliable defensively. I just really want a late first in this draft we need a future 1st or 2nd line RW really bad for our prospect pool (and a 1c and d-men) and there are some quality guys in the late 1st/ early 2nd range.

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He has the highest points per game among defensemen on the team, despite being a defense-first guy. He's definitely worth 4.5 million. He's had some tough games but he's played a lot with all the injuries to our D-men.

Edit: You would trade him for a 2nd rounder and a prospect? Sekera got a potential mid-1st and a prospect so Hamhuis should get around that much.

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If i was Benning i would look at trading him at next years deadline, possibly get a 1st rounder and a prospect out of the deal.

Hamhuis is a F/A after next season, if he and Benning talk we could trade him and cash in on value and give him a chance at a cup and he could easily come back and re-sign here in the off season

Would all depend on our standing and playoff picture but i would consider it either way

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Hamhuis and Bieksa have both been brutal defensively this season. I get this by watching them turn over pucks over and over, and get caught flat-footed by faster, younger forwards, but the stat lines don't lie. Both their SAT and USATs when the games are close are below 0 which is pretty rubbish considering how well Tanev and Edler are playing when the games are close, and their plus-minus is far from ideal.

For the money Hamhuis and Bieksa cost this team, they're nowhere near worth 8M of cap space and 40 minutes a night of sloppy defensive play and almost zero offensive output.

Stanton and Sbisa have been pretty bad at times too, but they're getting paid pennies compared to Hamhuis and Bieksa, and don't eat up as many important key minutes against top lines.

I propose this off-season, Benning make a MAJOR rehaul on defence. The only two who deserve to stay are Edler and Tanev, everyone else has been pathetic defensively and not contributing much offensively.

1) Sign Sbisa CHEAP - 2M max, and keep him as our bottom pairing LD, 15-18 minutes a night is what he's good for. Physical, young, occasional offence.

2) Sign one of Stanton or Weber to stay as our 7th defenceman. We'll have injuries on defence and need depth, but one of them can walk. 1M max.

3) Trade Bieksa for a 2nd or 3rd round pick to wherever he's willing to go. He's only going to get worse next season and his locker-room presence is the only thing keeping him around. We've got offensive right-handed defencemen in the mix who are capable of replacing his minutes easily.

4) Make a MAJOR trade for a young, left handed defenceman. I'm talking Hamhuis + Higgins + 2nd round pick/prospect like McCann for someone like Joe Morrow, Pouliot in Pittsburgh, Oliver Ekmann-Larsson etc.

We package Hamhuis with a current roster player (Higgins/Hansen etc.) and/or a good pick or prospect to lure in a stud of a defenceman. Ideally this trade works with a team who want to make their last cup run (Boston, Pittsburgh come to mind) and would rather a guy like Hamhuis helping out NOW than someone like Morrow or Pouliot helping in 3-5 years time.

For arguments sake, say we trade Hamhuis (Pittsburgh's always covetted him, their defence needs a shutdown guy) + Higgins (depth scoring, role playoff guy) + a pick or prospect for Derreck Pouliot. This guy is a gem of a prospect and is probably going to play 40 games in the NHL next season, if not more. He still won't be at his prime (which is what a dwindling Penguins team needs right now) and won't be for another couple of seasons, which fits the Canucks future mould better than the Penguins core which wants to win right now.

Next season we may need a UFA left handed defenceman if Pouliot's not ready, and Clendening, Corrado, Stanton/Weber may be dangerous on the right side but in the long run getting these guys experience will pay off.

Here's our defence in 3-5 years time, when this team will be making a serious playoff run:

Edler - Tanev

Pouliot - Corrado

Sbisa - Clendening



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