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Same Old Mason Raymond

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It took a while but the fans in Calgary have seemed to turn on him for much the same reason Vancouver fans turned on him.

Same criticisms.

Too Soft

Weak along the boards

Lacks vision

Doesn't use speed effectively

I think Mayray is a nice guy and am glad he is getting paid but it is what it is when it comes to Mayray


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In line with other threads currently on the go, it's sad that he endured that back fiasco without any support from the league whatsoever in addressing it.

He was boo'd and mocked by a crowd of vultures who, obviously, aren't fans of the actual game of hockey (or they'd respect an injured player and show concern).

I can't help but feel that any progress he was making (he was) has been somehow neutralized by what must be a lingering affect from that injury. He got plowed into the boards and I'm sure that's something that sticks...yeah, he's not great along the boards. Surprise? He suffered nerve and tissue damage along with broken vertebrae....so the boards likely are a bit of a weak area now as he probably still winces with anyone near him. Too bad, because he's a rocket out there and he was learning to harness and utilize that. Wish him well...he is a super nice guy.

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I think this is a good reminder that its really difficult to change your style of play. If youve been playing a certain way your entire career, chances are, thats how you will continue to play.

Most Raymond watchers suggested that he should play in the East.

I agree with that. Coming back West was a bad career decision for Raymond (but good in a sense that he is getting paid).

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Much ado about nothing.

If you sign a speedy winger not known for playing in the hard areas, don't be surprised when that's what you get. If he's not the kind of player your coach prefers, then it's your GM that has to give his head a shake.

Raymond - on pace for 20+ goals / 82 and is a guy that you can always count on to backcheck and use his speed as opposed to grit to limit chances against. He's a good two way presence. His strength is creating space - driving wide, drawing attention, stopping up and finding the trailer - having created a lot of room with the threat that his speed poses. What more do they expect? If they're expecting more they have only themselves to blame - that's the type of player Raymond is. A 20 goal pace considering his contract and the role they've got him in is nothing to complain about.

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Is anyone surprised?

Raymond has always produced well at the beginning of the season, and then dried up when the games get tighter and more physical. But the thing is, the points he helped the Flames get back in October are just as important as the ones they are getting now. And even when he's not scoring, at least he's not a liability defensively.

He did extend his effectiveness later in the season in Toronto, indicating that he is probably better suited to play in the East.

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This guy is also the most successful and only NHL regular the Canucks have selected outside of the 1st round in the past 10 years. Isn't our drafting just wonderful?

Um, Jeremy Price says "hi".


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It's easy to cherry pick a few posts in a 19 page thread and claim to represent what "the fans" in Calgary think. Drama.

If you read a bit of that thread, you see that as usual there are perspectives on both sides - with some level headed posters pretty much saying it like it is.

"We needed a guy on the left side, a guy who was fast enough for teams style and who could put up some goals. (That was the big question mark before the season, funny as it seems now.) Raymonds pace this season would amount to 21 goals and 33 points over 82 games. His career averages would be 18 goals and 39 points.

"Considering his post-injury play was clearly his worst stretch, overall I think we can say that outside of the injury he has mostly delivered what was expected of him. I think his production has been especially decent considering that he's been mostly playing on the 3rd line instead of top 6. It's awesome that both Bouma and Gaudreau passed him, but not something you could have counted on as a GM.

Paying 3.1M for an above average depth scorer is something the team can easily do right now, and when the time comes to move him he should be an easy sell.

Too bad about the injury, but other than that I'm fine with Raymond."

"I would argue that Raymond is exactly meeting expectations. Provides speed and depth scoring. He has always been and will probably always be a streaky scorer. When he is scoring in bunches, we all think how great he is to have on the team, and when he isn't, he becomes the big whipping boy. I don't think he has done anything above my expectations, or below them."

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