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I like it. The rap's cool.

Maybe spend less time on each angle... the initial shot is too long. Maybe cut in to the shot right before they shoot or deke, if you know what I mean? Don't change this one, but for next time.

Other than that, great job!

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CanucksFan2323 welcome back!

at 2:05 when the singer says "its time to grab your towel" you should have included a clip of Roger Neilson waving the white towel.....and then later when he says grab your towels 2 by 2...you could show a clip of the crowd doing "towel power"........maybe those ideas dont fit with the theme you are going for but i always like a little dose of nostalgia. good video btw.

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I just created this short Canucks montage it took some time but just thought i'd show it

Your feed back would be highly appreciated,

Good video, would be nice if you could do it in HD (or higher quality). I do and don't like the song at the same time. It's decent for the video but the lyrics come off as a bit arrogant. Rapping about how the Canucks are (were) the best and winning the Stanley Cup when we still don't have one...

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